Hi Madeleine,

I just had to send you this . . . . . 
I have had one of my paintings accepted for entry in the John Villiers Waltzing Matilda Outback Art Show !!
No need to guess which one hey – 
Can’t tell you how excited I am, it’s the first time I have ever dared to hope that one of my paintings might be accepted into such a prestigious art competition.
I have tears welling as I write this. I so want to hug you.
It never would have happened without your constant inspiration and guidance.
Thank you so much.
Talk to you soon,

Love, Jenny x

Hi Madeleine.  Just a few words of encouragement….
I for one am SOOOO glad you didn’t give up on OMSA!  I love the group.  We are all so different and I would probably never have met these lovely people if not for you.  You yourself are an inspiration and have made me think more about art, love it more and really try to find my style!  Your OMSA artists trust in you, and even being fairly new to the group, I can see that.  I love the encouragement and also what you expose us to and give us the opportunity to see.  Thanks Madeleine.


“What wonderful days. Thank you for everything you provided and did for us. We were overwhelmed with your generosity. Finding such old fashioned hospitality regarding both the accommodation and the art immersion were direction changing experiences. I went for a run in the beautiful tree lined lanes around our area this morning and thanks to your innovative tuition, for the first time saw inspiration just everywhere. Next time I will be taking my camera! However, I did stop to pick up a few beautifully marked leaves which I would not have connected to my art practise before your course.  I also really saw the trees! This has given me the threads and lines of direction for my future art”. 


Madeleine’s humorous, gentle, intense and inspiring guidance aimed at moving the individual artists personal art philosophy onto another level is an intriguing experience. The artist learns to let go of the old and sometimes overworked and over analyzed position currently reached in their art career.  This can be a very emotional experience and can be a personal questioning of “What is Art”? for the individual.
Madeleine has a bucketful of methods for delving into the origin and reasoning of the artist. Via very individual methods, she manages to inspire the artist to find their true nature and reach unexpected levels within their art practice, casting aside pathways that are not true to the artist and making accessible a new direction that may previously be unknown.
She inspires a feeling of adventure into the new, allowing the artist to take risks and make decisions; find where their art begins and with quiet observation and direction, guides and has fun with the artist allowing a freedom often missing from many learning institutions.
Positive and surprising results are built upon and developed. This becomes a key to the artist’s future development. Going beyond the boundaries and daring freely to make art is, with Madeleine, an exciting experience. 

Yours sincerely, Jan D

Hi, Madeleine:

I’ve just finished the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art Course at the London Art College.
I got a Distinction Certificate that is the highest award.
My tutor asked me if it’s possible to show some of my artworks on the College website, so I said: yes!
I’m so happy!!!
I wanted to share the news with you because you’re the culprit of all that it’s happening.
Have I already thanked you? Mmmm… I wonder…

Cheers, Ingrid

I’m so happy because this year was incredible for me at OMSA. Sharing and learning and talking the same “Art Language” make life easier for all creative souls. I’m so glad I belong to this amazing group of artists because without you all, this ordinary world, as you always say, would be a desert. A hot and drying desert with just menial everyday tasks… but OMSA changes that every week. So thanks for all your efforts to bring it into play and keep it alive. Thanks also for introduce me to the London Art College Courses. It’s being a revealing experience! I’m sending good vibes to your Parliament Exhibition. See you soon.

Cheers, Ingrid

I am so excited to be continuing with you as an OMSA artist.  I feel like my own career is about to take off.  I am in the throes of finishing a painting for the Wynne Prize (which I will also submit for the Blake Prize later in the year) which I think is one of the best paintings I’ve ever done.
 None of this would have been possible without your mentoring, support and promotion of OMSA.
 Thank you Madeleine from the bottom of my heart, for everything you have done and making me believe that anything is possible with my art!  I can’t wait to get going again with OMSA this year and am very much looking forward to seeing you and all the wonderful OMSA artists.  It’s my sanity and painting is the love of my life!

Love and gratitude, Liz

Dear Madelaine,
I saw you painting on Colour In Your Life to day, an old show I gather. I want to tell you that just from watching you I gained motivation. I am surrounded by what seems like a trillion projects to tackle on my house, getting my studio back ( a renovation ever so so slowly taking place) a lack of money to continue and a waning in motivation because of the former.
After watching you I gathered my self, my thoughts and propelled myself into action, albeit not at great speed but action none the less.
Many thanks for your energetic charismatic personality. I could see a former me in you.  Your style of painting is so compatible with the ideas in my head.  I admire your work greatly.
I thank the Universe for guiding me in your direction, seeing your work and prodding me to get of my fat ……… and get back into a stimulating environment again.
I wish I had met you when I was living in East Brisbane. I have now and that is all that matters.

Big smiles and happy days, Francesca-Louisa

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